This isn't a dress rehearsal

...it's now or never

21 May
It has been several years since I have been on livejournal. Still participating in wedded bliss with my beloved bombaatu but our 2 oldest children are grown and pour of the house. Definitely still a transplanted Yank, and Texas will always be a VERY strange land. :)

I had a tendency to post in dribs and drabs, so I'm not sure how things will go now. But I always used to read my friends pages, and even commented whenever I had something to say (or, more frequently, little to say, but plenty of words to write!)

Having a child changed my life. I moved to Texas, went back to college, completed two degrees and am now contemplating a doctoral. I'm a trained opera singer. Vocal, you could say. But I'm also a great communicator, and words are important to me. Both the spoken and unspoken ones.

I'm a study in contrasts. I'm perfectly happy curled up at home, reading a book, but I'm very sociable, and I love conversation. I'm very outspoken, but a terrific listener.

I was a single mother for 5 years. She's the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Cliche, I know, but the truth. Her mere existence has encouraged me to follow my own dreams, refuse to settle for less than my heart's desire, and stick to my convictions. She also managed to likely save my life before she was even born...not too shabby for the short stuff!

I love to read, but rarely seem to find the time, anymore. I'm a fabulous cook, love to bake, adore conversing endlessly... I have a glorious laugh. I have beautiful eyes. I am a strong, independent, intelligent, and loving woman. I found myself a man strong enough to let me rest in his strength, but who lets me work it out on my own when I need to. I finally found someone to share with me, to partner and complement me.

What people first notice about me is my laugh, or my eyes. My laugh is musical and bounteous when I let it loose. I am somewhat self-conscious of it, as it's something people always notice or comment on. People notice my eyes because I look at them. Seems so simple, but I don't think they're really all that remarkable, I just look and see deeply. I have a very dynamic personality which attracts people. I've been told I'm intimidating, but I'm always very friendly. I'm intelligent and experienced, but in a fairly narrow spectrum. I LOVE to learn about new things, and am comfortable asking questions about things I am unfamiliar with. Or just curious. :) I'm a cat like that!

Music. My career is music, so suffice it to say that I listen to "work" music a lot. I also listen to completely random samplings, from celtic music (but not a lot of "New Agey" types) to classic rock (I love me some hair bands!). Good stuff.

I love food. :) I love all kinds of foods, and miss having a wide variety to choose from. I ADORE cooking and baking - food=love to me, so cooking for people is one way I show that love.

You should "friend" me if you're interested in getting to know this mass of contradictions! :) My journal is for the most part "friends only". But I love making new friends!

Shine on,

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